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Let’s be honest. 

This place is just as much for Lucy as it is for the humans that work here.  We absolutely love dogs, some say borderline addiction, but that’s why we invest all our energy towards making sure your pet is given the best care, love and attention possible.  We created a place where you would feel comfortable leaving your dog for a few hours or an extended stay, a place we would actually leave our own dogs.  

We’re not your average daycare. 

We care for your dog as an individual with a unique personality, needs and drives.  It is very important that your dog has a positive experience with us. We believe in quality not quantity.  We enjoy keeping up to date with the latest web trends and technologies, pet products, and news. We have fun.  We would probably re-enter our next life as a dog if we could.  Preferably a Bichon owned by Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi.  They seem to like animals.

We only want the best for your dog. 

We get that it’s not easy given a busy schedule.  We do not judge. We want you to become successful managing your life and in building a better relationship with your best friend.  Consider us an extension of your family.  We promise not to show up at the next holiday dinner.  If “family” leaves a negative connotation, consider us members of your “staff”.  Everyone loves saying they “have staff” right? 

Wag Club was founded in 2011 by Lucy, a Jack Russell of determinate character.  Like many visionaries of our time, Martin Luther King, Steve Jobs, Lady Gaga... Lucy had a dream.  She envisioned a home away from home; a clean and safe environment in Brooklyn where she could be showered with TLC, work out, “get her fur did”, and socialize with her friends. 

And Lucy’s dream benefited those at the other end of the leash as well.  She believed Wag Club could be an open forum for people to interact, share information and be involved in a special community that wants only the best for their loyal companions. 

So she turned to her loving human, John, gave him a look loaded with .24 caliber cuteness, and the rest is, as they say, history.


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photo by ed van der hoek

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