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You’ve Got Questions. We’ve Got Answers.


Where does my dog do their business while at daycare?

Pups think of the daycare as an indoor dog run. They do their business inside the daycare, and our employees clean it up ASAP. Pups do not bring this habit home with them.


What if my dog doesn't want to go to the bathroom indoors?

Sometimes this happens, but most of them catch on to the flow of things pretty quickly. Should we notice them not wanting to do their business indoors, we will of course bring them out for a potty break if needed.

Do you have a separate area for large and small dogs?

All our pups have free rein of the daycare, and we do not separate by size. Most dogs are under 30 pounds, with a couple being just on the fence. We call these pups biggie smalls. They have been with us since they were tiny puppies and have no idea how big they actually are. They also feel more comfortable around small dogs. Some of the small dogs also think they are much bigger....tail as old as time!

Do they have scheduled nap time or down time?

Technically speaking - no. They do, however, all tend to settle down in the afternoon for some snoozing and snuggles before the after lunch zoomies. They are pack animals, so they definitely feed off of each others energy. If we see some pups getting themselves into trouble by being over tired or getting hangry, we always try to get them settled in a secluded area to have some lunch, a snack or in one of our large kennels for a much needed nap. 

Do I need to bring food while they are at daycare?

No, not necessarily. Most pups do fine at daycare without eating if they come with full bellies and get picked up before/around dinner time. If your dog arrives early, and they haven't eaten their breakfast yet - you are always welcome to bring a labeled breakfast with them that we can give them as soon as they get their arrival zoomies out. If your pup eats lunch at home and will be picked up way after lunch time - please bring a labeled lunch. Same goes for dinner.  It really all depends on your pups usual feeding routine at home, and your pick up and drop off schedule. If we see your pup is really needing a snack, or some sort of meal during the day because they are burning up energy - we will always let you know.

Does my dog have access to water?

Yes! We always have water bowls out for the pups, and change/replenish/wash the bowls frequently throughout the day.

My dog takes medication during the day, are you able to administer?

Yes. Please come with it labeled and with clear instructions. There is a $1.50 + tax fee per administration.


How large are your kennels?

They are very large! You can get a sneak peak of them on our Instagram page in the highlights section. Basically, your average human could get in it very comfortably. 

What should I bring?

We've got a full detailed list under the Overnights tab for your convenience.

I'm a little OCD, and I'm going to write you a list of instructions to bring with my dog, and have everything labeled. Will you judge me?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! DO IT! As fellow OCD people, we see you, we love you and we appreciate you. We love lists, details, instructions....especially for new pups that we are still getting to know! We always appreciate parents who go the extra mile to make our lives easier! We also don't judge people who don't do this.

It's my dogs first vacation with you guys, will you send me updates?

Yes! We always try to send updates as best we can, but sometimes we've got our hands full. Sometimes it helps if you send us a "hey, how's my dog doing?" email! We never mind getting emails. Obviously, if something if wrong, we will contact you right away. Assume that no news is good news, but we do try our best to get updates to you!

Are there humans that stay on site overnight?

Unfortunately there aren't any humans that stay at Wag overnight with the pups, but we do have cameras going on them all night that will alert us to anything going on. The owner, manager and many employees are also only a few blocks away. Also, because we are in One Brooklyn Bridge Park - there are doormen and parking guards always nearby.

How long are the pups in the kennel overnight?

Pups go into their kennels at 7pm for dinner, a short nap and so that we may thoroughly clean the daycare. Our late night person then lets them out again for a last romp and pees/poos. The pups then go back in from about 10pm to 7:30am when our morning crew gets in. 


Does my dog get walked by the same person each time?

We've got a small rotating staff that works in AM and PM shifts. Generally, it will be the same 2-3 people depending on the day and time.

My dog and my family really like this particular walker, can we request only them?

Unfortunately we can't guarantee that it will be the same walker each time, but we do our best to accommodate requests such as these the best we can.

Can you wipe my dogs paws and butt when they get home from their walk?

Girl, yes! Tell us what you want, and we will do it. Happy to accommodate special requests if we are able to!

Can you feed my dog during their walk?

Of course! Just tell us where you keep everything, how much and we will make sure your pup if nice and full!

My dog takes medication during the day, are you able to administer?

Yes. Please let us know in advance by sending us an email with clear instructions that way we can refer back should we have any questions. There is a $1.50 + tax fee per administration.



My dog has never been groomed, and I'm not sure where to start.

Send us an email, shoot us a phone call or stop by - let's talk! We are always happy to help guide you in the right direction for what's best for your dogs needs and your lifestyle.

Do you groom cats?

No, and I don't think they appreciate us grooming them either. Reach out to your vet for questions regarding this.


My dog needs one on one training. Do you offer that? Who should I reach out to?

We only do group classes here at Wag Club. For one on one training, please reach out directly to Robert and/or Jacklyn at DOGBOY. 

I'm not sure if my dog is a good fit for this class based on their behavior, abilities, etc. Who should I reach out to?

The professionals! Robert and Jacklyn at DOGBOY can help decide what is right for your pup based on the information you can provide for them regarding your dogs personality and abilities. They can guide you in the right direction whether it be a certain class, or if your dog would do better one on one.


How long have you been in business?

10 years this October, 2021! Thanks to all of our amazing friends, family, clients and the incredible dog community that surrounds us with love day in and day out. We appreciate you all more than you will ever know.


My dogs vaccines are expired, but I want them to come to daycare/etc. today.

Unfortunately we will have to turn you away, and that makes us super sad. Don't make us sad! Please check your vaccines, and keep them up to date. If they are expired, we won't be able to let your pup in.

Vaccines must be administered at least 24 hours prior to coming in. 


We’re always looking for fabulous people to join our team as a dog handler, groomer, front desk or walker.  Send a resume and cover letter to:

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