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Currently we walk dogs and provide puppy and cat home visits only for One Brooklyn Bridge Park, The Landing and Quay Tower.


We are small, but mighty! Come rain, shine or snow, our reliable staff will ensure that your baby gets the relief and attention that they deserve. You never have to worry if your walker gets sick, as we always have a backup. We have a small rotating staff that will get to know your pups personality, and their favorite places to do their business. We communicate to each other and to you in order to always be on the same page. We leave report cards to let you know how your furry friend did while you were away. If there is something we observe that is out of the ordinary, we make sure to call/send an email to let you know what's going on ASAP.  


We know we specialize in dog, but we love our feline friends as well! We have many in-house crazy cat ladies that would love to provide for your kitties while you are away. We understand that some cats prefer only their own humans, and we are only there to provide the essentials - litter, food and water. We also know some cats need more attention, toy feather time or their hair brushed - not a problem! We are happy to cater to whatever kind of kitty you have! 



Meet and Greet: Walking with us for the first time? No problem! We will meet with you and your pup for free and discuss all your pups likes, dislikes and quirks while on the leash. Meet and Greets are usually 5-10 minutes long. We meet you at your humble abode and you can give us the rundown of your pups usual day, where they like to sleep while you are away, and where you keep their water bowl, walking equipment, etc. This helps us navigate what we should expect while we are walking your pup. Does your pup have special needs? No problem! We've walked pups in their strollers before. We are happy to help out in anyway we can, as long as we can do so safely and in the best interest of your pup! Will you come meet and greet with my cat? Of course! 

Staff: Our staff is caring, attentive and trained to positively reinforce wanted behavior through rewards.  Employees are required to take Pet First Aid/CPR administered by the American Red Cross and must meet requirements regarding knowledge of canine breeds, behavior, training, and general wellness. Wag Club is also licensed, bonded and insured.

Slip Collar: You may notice that our staff uses colorful collars in addition to your pups usual walking equipment. These are slip collars and are there to protect your pet in the event that their usual collar, harness or other walking gear fail. It helps to ensure your pup does not run away should they become loose. Most pups do not even realize that they are on them, as they hang loosely. 

Solo Walks: We always walk dogs alone, unless they have a sibling or friend that they enjoy walking with. This ensures that your pup has all the attention on them. 


Our store provides services to help you cut a few tasks out of your daily life. Your walker can walk your dog to get groomed or drop off his favorite treat, poop bags or toy from our store at no additional delivery charge. Just drop us an email and let us know!


  1. Fill out Walking/Home Visit Registration Form and send to Registration Form can be found under our Registration Tab. Please also include Vaccination Certificate from Vet. Dogs must have (at minimum) Rabies and Distemper vaccines.

  2. Schedule a Meet and Greet. Once we have received both your Registration Form, as well as your Vaccination Certificate, we will email or call you to schedule an appointment once your application is approved and your information is in our system. Meet and Greets are Free and usually 5-10 minutes long.



*The following prices are for a 30 minute walk (or 30 minute Home Visit). Actual walking time is around 20 minutes long, with 5 minutes on either end used for refilling water, getting your pup dressed for the walk, belly rubs/treats, etc*


Walking Services:

Dog walks on a recurring weekly schedule:

One dog: $23 + tax

Two dogs: $28 + tax

Dog walks NOT on a regular, weekly schedule:

One dog: $26 + tax

Two dogs: $31 + tax

After store hours relief walk (20 min): $40 + tax **subject to availability**

Home Visits, Cleanup & Feedings (Cats or Puppies): $19 + tax


Single ONE HOUR walk on a recurring weekly schedule: $40 + tax

Additional dog in household: $5 + tax

Same day request surcharge: $5 + tax

Same hour request surcharge: $10 + tax

Weekend walk: $5 + tax

No show/No cancel Fee: $10 + tax

Holiday: $15



PLEASE NOTE: If there is inclement weather that may pose a risk to your pup or our walker, we will make sure your pup relieves themselves, and use the remainder of the time to play safely indoors. We will always leave you a note if that was the case. This happens pretty infrequently, but it does happen from time to time. I.E. High winds, severe weather or extreme heat or cold that could hurt your pups paw pads. Your dogs safety, and the safety of our employees is extremely important to us.

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